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6 Quick Irrigation Tips for Water Conservation

Follow these 6 quick irrigation tips to start saving money and conserving water this year! #1 – Irrigation System Maintenance – Seasonal Check-up Hire a Licensed Irrigator to perform seasonal irrigation check-ups. Between service, canvas your yard for broken sprinkler heads and take action right away if you see damaged rotors or valves. #2 – Regulate Water Pressure – PRS …

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Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation – Irrigation Systems Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth homeowners are always asking, “What is the most efficient method for maintaining a lush, green lawn?” Efficient irrigation systems conserve water, protect the environment, and can drastically lower the cost of your monthly water bill. Find out how water conservation and a healthy, beautiful lawn can go hand-in-hand with these 5 Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation: Fundamentals of …

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Smart Irrigation Technology – 9 Million Gallons Saved

In 2018, we set a goal to help DFW homeowners conserve six million gallons of water using Smart Irrigation Technology. We are proud to announce that we exceeded our goal with over nine million gallons conserved! Our Customers Want to Know… “With clients all over DFW, how on earth could Lee Engineering keep track of gallons saved in an entire …

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Cycle and Soak Method – Irrigation

Cycle and Soak Method – Efficient Watering Techniques from Lee Engineering What is the Cycle and Soak Method?   The goal of the cycle and soak method for irrigation is to maximize the percentage of water that effectively absorbs into the soil each time your sprinkler system runs. In areas of North Texas with clay soil, the soak and cycle method …

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Thirsty? So is Your Foundation

It is no secret that Dallas Fort Worth summers are HOT! In the same way that your body demands extra water to compensate for the intense heat, your home’s foundation requires added moisture as well. Keep reading for tips on avoiding costly foundation repair and the benefits of foundation watering.

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Water Conservation? There’s an app for that

We have reached a point in modern technology where a convenient downloadable app exists for almost anything we can imagine. Thankfully, the irrigation industry has finally decided to jump on the band wagon with the development of smart controller technology. What is smart irrigation? A modern approach to traditional irrigation that allows homeowners to monitor their sprinkler system from a …

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