Rain and Freeze Sensors – Irrigation Tips and Tricks

Licensed Irrigator, Steve Thompson on Rain & Freeze Sensors Transcript: This is Steve at Lee Engineering in Arlington, Texas back again talking about irrigation rain and freeze sensors this time. What I have here is one example. This is what we put in all over Dallas Fort Worth. This is the Hunter rain and freeze click sensor. We install these …

Kristina GautreauxRain and Freeze Sensors – Irrigation Tips and Tricks

Hunter Sprinkler Heads: MP Rotator, a Game-Changing Innovation

Lee Engineering now offers Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler heads to help homeowners get the most out of their irrigation system. In fact, we’ve already installed dozens of revolutionary nozzle/sprinkler head combos throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. What’s with all the hype? How is the Hunter MP Rotator different when compared to an average sprinkler head? Well, for starters, the Hunter …

Kristina GautreauxHunter Sprinkler Heads: MP Rotator, a Game-Changing Innovation

Sprinkler System 101

Sprinkler System Basics from Lee Engineering – Dallas, Fort Worth Despite the recent erratic temperature fluctuations, Dallas area homeowners are beginning to plan for warmer weather. Before planting new landscaping this spring, it is wise to perform a check-up on your irrigation. Use the following information as a guideline to prep your irrigation system for summer’s increase in water demands. …

Kristina GautreauxSprinkler System 101
gaps in the soil

Gaps in the Soil by Driveway – The Mystery is Solved

Gaps in the Soil Do you notice voids or gaps in the soil near your concrete driveway or sidewalk? Does the soil along the perimeter of your home pull away from the slab foundation? Do you see cracks in or around your home? You aren’t alone. Many North Texans are perplexed by the presence of voids and gaps beneath sidewalks, …

Kristina GautreauxGaps in the Soil by Driveway – The Mystery is Solved
foundation watering Texas

Thirsty? So is Your Foundation

Dallas Fort Worth Drip Irrigation Foundation Watering Systems It is no secret that Dallas Fort Worth summers are HOT! In the same way that your body demands extra water to compensate for the intense heat, your home’s foundation requires added moisture as well. Avoid costly foundation repair by educating yourself on the benefits of foundation watering. FACT: Most Dallas – …

Kristina GautreauxThirsty? So is Your Foundation
Water conservation

Water Conservation? There’s an app for that

We have reached a point in modern technology where a convenient downloadable app exists for almost anything we can imagine. Thankfully, the irrigation industry has finally decided to jump on the band wagon with the development of smart controller technology. What is smart irrigation? A modern approach to traditional irrigation that allows homeowners to monitor their sprinkler system from a …

Kristina GautreauxWater Conservation? There’s an app for that
drip irrigation saves money

6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself

Farmers have been using drip watering systems, also known as trickle irrigation or micro-irrigation, for harvesting crops since the late 1800’s. Today drip irrigation systems are commonly used to offset the challenges of problematic soil by providing precise and efficient irrigation. If you own a home in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas, proper foundation preservation through well-designed irrigation is essential …

Zane Woodson6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself