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For homeowners in North Texas, maintaining healthy, beautiful landscapes can be challenging, especially with seasonal droughts and local water restrictions. The most efficient way to offset Texas’ problematic clay soil is by installing a professionally designed drip irrigation system. 

drip irrigation

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation, also known as micro-irrigation, uses dripline and pressure regulating emitters to apply moisture directly to a plant’s root system. Drip irrigation provides precise and efficient irrigation and eliminates water waste due to evaporation and runoff.  

“About 30-40% of water emitted through a traditional sprinkler head is eliminated through evaporation.”

drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation Conserves Water

In Texas, irrigation water waste is typically higher during the scorching hot summer months, and especially on windy days. A properly installed drip irrigation system ensures that more than 90% of the water applied is deposited directly into the soil, eliminating waste and reducing your monthly irrigation water usage.

Drip Irrigation Prevents Soil Erosion

Drip irrigation systems are designed to slowly release water into the soil and apply moisture directly to the roots of plants. As such, there is no runoff on the surface of the soil. Homeowners with drip systems avoid erosion caused by sprinkler heads, keeping their mulch in place and reducing the overall cost of upkeep.

Maintain a Beautiful Garden with Drip Irrigation

Most sprinkler heads deposit water directly onto a plant’s leaves. When moisture hangs around your plants too long, your landscapes become a breeding ground for mold, plant disease, and/or sun burn spots. Drip irrigation applies moisture directly to the surface of the soil, thus reducing the risk of damage caused by soggy plants.

Drip Irrigation Prevents Damage to Your Home

A traditional sprinkler head constantly applies water to everything in its path including; wood siding, fence panels, planter boxes, shutters, etc. Water plus wood equals rotting and repairs. Protect your home equity by installing drip irrigation.

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