Thirsty? So is Your Foundation

Drip Irrigation for Foundation Watering Systems – Dallas Fort Worth

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It is no secret that Dallas Fort Worth summers are HOT! In the same way that your body demands extra water to compensate for the intense heat, your home’s foundation requires added moisture as well. Keep reading for tips on avoiding costly foundation repair and the benefits of foundation watering.

FACT: Most Dallas – Fort Worth homes are built on expansive (active) clay soil.

FACT: Clay shrinks and swells, depending on seasonal moisture levels.

FACT: Active soils cause more property damage in the United States than the combined damage from all floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The blistering summer months in Dallas – Fort Worth can be particularly traumatic to the integrity of concrete slabs. Due to low moisture levels, the soil surrounding your home may pull away from the slab, causing foundation movement. As such, it may be wise to balance the moisture deficit by installing a foundation watering system. A foundation watering system is basically drip irrigation. However, instead of installing the drip line above the soil, foundation watering systems feature tubing  placed underground along the perimeter of the home.

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