Drainage Installation

From small to large drainage installation and design, French drains, or sump pumps, Lee Engineering is your one-stop shop for irrigation and drainage in Dallas – Fort Worth.

Non-existent or improper drainage systems around your home can cause hazardous water accumulations and structural damage to your foundation. The experts at Lee Engineering are trained to evaluate your individual situation and provide the right solution to your drainage needs.

Does any of this look familiar to you?

drainage installation

Damage from water seepage or flooding into your home during periods of heavy rain. We can customize drainage solutions to reroute water away from your house, saving your carpet and foundation from unnecessary damage.

bad drainage damages foundation in DFW

Areas of your property that stay wet over long periods, adversely affecting appearance and usability. Not only is standing water a breeding ground for mosquitoes and fungus; it poses a threat to the integrity of your home’s foundation.

soil in DFW lacks moisture

Erosion caused by water flowing over unprotected ground. Not only is this issue unsightly, it can cause damage to structures. When the soil erodes away from your foundation it can create cracks in the interior and exterior of your home.

cracks in foundation from bad drainage

Foundation movement and cracking due to poor adjacent drainage. Proper moisture balance is essential to protecting the integrity of your home’s foundation.

Engineered Solutions Designed to Last

Our advanced drainage systems are designed to resolve all of these problems and prevent future issues. We can tackle anything from small residential, to commercial drainage projects.

The experts at Lee Engineering are trained to implement drainage solutions to remedy existing issues and ensure optimal soil moisture levels across your property. We realize there is no “one-size-fits-all” drainage solution, and we have the experience and expertise to tailor a design to meet your individual needs.

From small projects to major, Lee Engineering has you covered. View our recent drainage project below:


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