Converting to Drip Irrigation

  Keep watching as Zach discusses converting traditional irrigation zones to drip irrigation and the benefits of drip irrigation in Dallas – Fort Worth. Transcript: Hi, I’m Zach with Lee Engineering. Today I want to talk to you about converting sprinkler system zones to drip irrigation. We will also discuss why drip irrigation is popular in the Dallas – Fort …

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Drip Irrigation Flowerbeds

Drip Irrigation for Flowerbeds

Drip irrigation, also known as micro-irrigation, is a great way to offset the challenges of problematic clay soil. Drip irrigation provides precise and efficient irrigation and eliminates water waste due to evaporation. Since moisture is applied directly to the surface of the soil, micro-irrigation also reduces the risk for plant disease, mold, and sun burn spots. To save money and …

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Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation – Irrigation Systems Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth homeowners are always asking, “What is the most efficient method for maintaining a lush, green lawn?” Efficient irrigation systems conserve water, protect the environment, and can drastically lower the cost of your monthly water bill. Find out how water conservation and a healthy, beautiful lawn can go hand-in-hand with these 5 Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation: Fundamentals of …

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Thirsty? So is Your Foundation

It is no secret that Dallas Fort Worth summers are HOT! In the same way that your body demands extra water to compensate for the intense heat, your home’s foundation requires added moisture as well. Keep reading for tips on avoiding costly foundation repair and the benefits of foundation watering.

Customer ServiceThirsty? So is Your Foundation

6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself

Today drip irrigation systems are commonly used to offset the challenges of problematic soil by providing precise and efficient irrigation. There are major advantages to installing dripline, especially if you live in North Texas. Keep reading for the top six reasons why drip irrigation basically pays for itself.

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