Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

How to Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

Lee Engineering goes above and beyond to ensure that your sprinkler system is efficient and effective. In this video, DJ explains how Lee Engineering repairs busted sprinkler heads with “funny pipe” to prevent future damage to your irrigation system. Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads with Funny Pipe Transcript: Hello, I’m DJ with Lee Engineering. Today we’re going to talk about the Lee …

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Lee Engineering Irrigation Services

Watch the video as Licensed Irrigator Steve Thompson explains how Lee Engineering goes above and beyond to provide quality irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth. Transcript: Hi, I’m Steve Thompson with Lee engineering here in Kennedale Texas. Today I want to spend just a minute and talk to you about how we’re different than a lot …

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Benefits of Pressure Regulating Spray Heads

“Irrigation accounts for more than 30% of total household water use, on average, but can be as much as 60% of total household water use in arid regions.” – Environmental Protection Agency If you live in a neighborhood with high water pressure, you’ve probably noticed sprinkler systems spraying a fine, misty fog onto landscapes. Without pressure regulation, these sprinkler systems …

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6 Quick Irrigation Tips for Water Conservation

Follow these 6 quick irrigation tips to start saving money and conserving water this year! #1 – Irrigation System Maintenance – Seasonal Check-up Hire a Licensed Irrigator to perform seasonal irrigation check-ups. Between service, canvas your yard for broken sprinkler heads and take action right away if you see damaged rotors or valves. #2 – Regulate Water Pressure – PRS …

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How Often Should I Run My Sprinkler System During the Winter?

You may be asking, “How often should I water my lawn during the winter months?” Every homeowner dreams of showcasing a beautiful lawn all year, but it can be tricky to determine how often to run your irrigation system during the fall and winter. If you are unsure about seasonal watering schedules in Texas, keep reading! Running Your Irrigation System …

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Drip Irrigation Flowerbeds

Drip Irrigation for Flowerbeds

Drip irrigation, also known as micro-irrigation, is a great way to offset the challenges of problematic clay soil. Drip irrigation provides precise and efficient irrigation and eliminates water waste due to evaporation. Since moisture is applied directly to the surface of the soil, micro-irrigation also reduces the risk for plant disease, mold, and sun burn spots. To save money and …

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Hunter Sprinkler Heads: MP Rotator, a Game-Changing Innovation

Lee Engineering now offers Hunter MP Rotator sprinkler heads to help homeowners get the most out of their irrigation system. In fact, we’ve already installed dozens of revolutionary nozzle/sprinkler head combos throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. What’s with all the hype? How is the Hunter MP Rotator different when compared to an average sprinkler head? Well, for starters, the Hunter …

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Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation – Irrigation Systems Dallas Fort Worth

Dallas Fort Worth homeowners are always asking, “What is the most efficient method for maintaining a lush, green lawn?” Efficient irrigation systems conserve water, protect the environment, and can drastically lower the cost of your monthly water bill. Find out how water conservation and a healthy, beautiful lawn can go hand-in-hand with these 5 Fundamentals of Efficient Irrigation: Fundamentals of …

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Sprinkler System 101

Despite the recent erratic temperature fluctuations, Dallas area homeowners are beginning to plan for warmer weather. Before planting new landscaping this spring, it is wise to perform a check-up on your irrigation. Use the following information as a guideline to prep your irrigation system for summer’s increase in water demands.

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