Smart Irrigation

“A WaterSense labeled irrigation controller can save an average home 8,800 gallons annually. If every home in the United States switched to a WaterSense labeled controller, we would save $435 million in water costs, and 120 billion gallons of water across the country every year.”

Lee Engineering is dedicated to supporting water conservation efforts throughout North Texas. Our Licensed Irrigators can show you how to simplify your life, save money, and conserve water with new Smart Irrigation Technology.

smart irrigation

Protect Your Landscape

Designed to manage different landscapes across various climate zones, HydrawiseTM prevents over-and under-watering to ensure your plants get exactly what they need to remain healthy and beautiful.

smart irrigation

Manage from Anywhere

Gain convenient system access anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or the web for a range of remote management capabilities. Remote monitoring allows you to conveniently view, manage and monitor your irrigation controller.

smart irrigation

Save Water

Advanced, web-based climate monitoring uses local forecast data including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and other factors to automatically adjust your irrigation system to area weather conditions, ensuring plants remain healthy — rain or shine.

Schedule an appointment with a professional at Lee Engineering to see how you can maximize your system’s performance to conserve water and save money.

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