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6 Quick Irrigation Tips for Water Conservation

Follow these 6 quick irrigation tips to start saving money and conserving water this year!

#1 – Irrigation System Maintenance – Seasonal Check-up

Hire a Licensed Irrigator to perform seasonal irrigation check-ups. Between service, canvas your yard for broken sprinkler heads and take action right away if you see damaged rotors or valves.

#2 – Regulate Water Pressure – PRS Heads for Sprinkler Systems

Pressure-regulating spray heads include built-in regulators and reduce water waste. PRS heads are ideal in most situations, especially in higher pressure areas, for consistent and efficient landscape irrigation.

#3 – Use a Rain/Freeze Sensor

Rain and freeze sensors promote water conservation by preventing irrigation systems from running shortly after sufficient rainfall or when temperatures fall below freezing.

#4 – Utilize the Soak and Cycle Method

Maximize the percentage of water that absorbs into the soil using the cycle and soak method. Cycle for 8 minutes. Allow your yard to “soak” at rest for at least 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary to meet your desired run time.

#5 – Install Drip Irrigation to Eliminate Water Waste

About 30-40% of water emitted through a traditional sprinkler head is eliminated through evaporation. By applying water directly to plant roots using drip irrigation, you can minimize water waste and maintain beautiful landscapes.

#6 – Upgrade to Smart Irrigation Technology

WiFi irrigation controllers rely on local weather data to automatically schedule run times when needed. Upgrade your system with smart irrigation technology and conserve up to 60% more water.

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