Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

How to Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads

Lee Engineering goes above and beyond to ensure that your sprinkler system is efficient and effective. In this video, DJ explains how Lee Engineering repairs busted sprinkler heads with “funny pipe” to prevent future damage to your irrigation system. Avoid Broken Sprinkler Heads with Funny Pipe Transcript: Hello, I’m DJ with Lee Engineering. Today we’re going to talk about the Lee …

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Converting to Drip Irrigation

  Keep watching as Zach discusses converting traditional irrigation zones to drip irrigation and the benefits of drip irrigation in Dallas – Fort Worth. Transcript: Hi, I’m Zach with Lee Engineering. Today I want to talk to you about converting sprinkler system zones to drip irrigation. We will also discuss why drip irrigation is popular in the Dallas – Fort …

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