6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself

Reason #3 – Drip Irrigation Reduces Excess Water RunoffFrench Drain Installation to Mitigate Soggy Yard

By avoiding the overspray from above-ground sprinkler systems, drip irrigation eliminates muddy pathways throughout your yard after watering. Heck, it may even add a few more years to the life of your carpet thanks to fewer muddy feet trampling through high-traffic zones.

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Customer Service6 Reasons Why Drip Irrigation Pays For Itself

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  1. LNWeaver

    I didn’t know that a dripline promotes moisture balance. I guess the earth wants to have a certain amount of water in it. I’m moving to the mid west; would this system work well in a dry/desert climate.

    1. Kristina Gautreaux

      Yes, this system is ideal for dry climates. Applying moisture several inches below the soil protects water from evaporating before reaching a plant’s roots.

  2. Kristina Gautreaux

    Deb, thanks for your feedback. Drip irrigation really is great for a number of reasons. Obviously, we all want to save money and maintain a beautiful yard, but the greatest benefit here is water conservation and foundation preservation. If you decide to have a system customized, make sure that you emphasize your interest in foundation preservation. They should design a drip line around the perimeter of your home. Of course, if you are in the DFW metroplex, LEE ENGINEERING is here to help!

  3. Amy Winters

    Thanks for pointing out that drip irrigation systems will have less water wasted by evaporation. My husband and I are looking to have a water distribution system put in our yard, so I’ve been doing some research into the benefits of each system. I’m glad to hear that drip irrigation wastes less water – that seems like it would contribute to both lower costs and a healthier yard!

    1. Kristina Gautreaux

      Amy, drip systems are great for the landscaping! In Texas, drip systems are also not required to follow local water restrictions. If you are looking to install a new irrigation system, now is the best time to include extra zones for drip irrigation. It will save you money to have the zones ready, even if you wait until later to connect them to the drip line.

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