Drip Irrigation

Foundation issues are common in Dallas – Fort Worth. What most people don’t know is that non-existent or improperly maintained lawn irrigation systems and drainage problems can contribute to and even cause foundation problems with your home.

 Have you seen cracks in your sheetrock and doors that won’t close? Most often, these first signs of foundation problems are caused by events that we can control and even prevent:

Don’t become a statistic in the BILLION DOLLAR foundation industry.

 Lee Engineering is owned by a licensed professional engineer. This means we have the knowledge and expertise to perform structural engineering evaluations and preserve your foundation by implementing a professional plan to minimize movement in the future.

Expansive Clay Soil

 During dry conditions, the clay-rich soil here in North Texas contracts, causing foundations to settle. This translates to twisting house frames, causing cracks in walls, and preventing doors and windows from closing properly.

 Homes built on concrete slabs are likely to see their foundation heave, sink, crack and shift, causing multiple problems. This constant swelling and contraction can wreak havoc on foundations, causing cracks in walls and in the mortar between bricks which can eventually lead to broken pipes, broken foundations —and a major attack on your wallet.

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What’s the Answer?

 Structural foundation repair is expensive and may not even be successful if the clay soil continues to destabilize around your home. A licensed professional engineer will tell you that balanced moisture is the first step to FOUNDATION STABILIZATIONGive us a call today, and let the leading irrigation, drainage and engineering experts in Dallas / Fort Worth provide you with a solution that addresses your specific conditions!



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